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Shifting Perspectives

Life has been a bit crazy lately, thus I've fallen silent on my writing. Some of life has been good, some has been bad, and some of life is still teetering on the fence and hasn't quite yet fallen onto the good or bad side. Often our lives are riddled with trials, and many times the struggles far outweigh the joys. But are the struggles really 100% bad or just perceived as 100% bad because we do not see them as good or seek to find the good in them? Shifting our perspectives can help us infuse some positivity into what most might perceive as a rather unfortunate situation. As always, trust in Christ and submission to His will being done over our preference or plan is vital to ground us in life and not shatter our foundation. I wrote this poem and hope it encourages you to shift your perspective in whatever you may be enduring.

"No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised." ~ Romans 4:20-21 (ESV)

Why is the chilly winter always seen as something to be defied?

The warmer spring and it’s display of colored florals is glorified

Yet, I find such beauty and peace in tiny snowflakes falling down

So much love and gratitude despite the cold as we gather around

Why are the ominous storms seen as something to be dodged?

It is always the sparkling sunshine and rainbows that are loved

Yet, I love to hear a thousand raindrops hitting the windowpane

I find rest and welcomed solitude in those grey and thunderous days

Why are the crashing waves always seen as only causing drowning?

The sandy shores are oddly found far more pleasurable and endearing

Yet, it’s in the deepest ocean and roughest surf I find my greatest joy

Amongst the playful waves there is finally freedom from the world’s noise

Why is the wind viewed as something that only violently damages?

We hunker down and hide from what we perceive as harsh ravages

Yet, my heart delights in the leaves that scatter that only the wind moves

I relish in the breeze that relieves the heat from summertime and cools

Why are mountains seen as obstacles that we need to overcome?

Flat land and smooth trails are favored over ones with rough stone

Yet I see climbing these peaks as a joyous hike full of nature and life

The most incredible view is from the top of the Continental Divide

Why is fire seen as cruel and ruthless and must be extinguished?

The flames wrecking havoc on things we’ve built and we cherish

Yet, it’s the flames that purify what is filthy and refine it into beauty

I love the dancing colors that can warm the body and make life cozy

Humans often take a pessimistic outlook on circumstances and life

Afraid to accept happiness and look on life with an outlook that’s bright

Such is the nature of pain and loss, negatives outweighing the positives

Seeking happiness amidst the rubble of shattered dreams is exhaustive

We often called ourselves a realist, perhaps even a borderline pessimistic

But is this worldview really how I want to seen as our characteristic?

Maybe we should be more optimistic and see upsides in every circumstance

Changing our perspective to heal our hearts and help us give life a chance

Finding the flip side and unearthing positives in challenges brings light

Seeking God’s love in the shadows shows us the hope to cling to in life

As seasons change, so should our perspectives on struggles we survive

Pain causes tears, trauma breaks hearts, but hope will keep us alive

There’s always gratitude in life’s situations despite the looming shadows

We can question and wonder and beg for answers that only God knows

What good does this ever do? It robs us of the day we have been kindly gifted

Pick ourselves up, wipe away our tears, and ensure our perspective has shifted

Even if your perspective cannot be shifted, at least ensure your focus is adjusted to root yourself in the consistency of Christ and hope found in His unchanging promises.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." ~ Hebrews 13:8 (ESV)
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