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Words: So Much Power In One Little Thing

Word (n): a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing.

  • Words are how we communicate with God, humans, and animals.

  • Words connect us to other humans.

  • Words can be partnered with music for a powerful song that touches the heart.

  • Words can knock down a barrier of isolation.

  • Words can warm the spirit with happiness.

  • Words can provide a wealth of learning opportunity.

  • Words can shatter your soul.

  • Words can invoke deep sorrow, fear, or anger.

  • Words can piece back together a broken heart.

  • Words can be combined with a thousand other words to tell a wonderful story so that you can either escape reality or gain new insight into reality.

  • Words can help guide a difficult life decision.

  • Words can bring people together or push them apart.

  • Words can connect you to the very heart and thoughts of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Words can offer hope and healing.

  • Words can bind together a marriage and solidify friendship.

  • Words can mend a broken relationship back together.

  • Words are how the Scriptures are communicated to us.

  • Words are how we record and remember events when we journal or write.

  • Words are how we express love or hate.

  • Words are how we pray.

Words. Such a simple thing, yet such deep power embedded in them. Use them wisely. Use them gently. Use them with love and grace. Use them humbly. Use them with courage and kindness. How can we all use our words today to reach out to others, encourage, and build up people around us, especially now during the COVID-19 crisis, racial tensions, and political challenges when so many people crave a gentle and kind word to be spoken to them to pierce the wall of loneliness?

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